PCE- Delivery of current clapms in EVN.

Delivery of Coating Tickness Tester PosiTector 6000 in AD MEPSO

Delivery of Tesla Tester in TIM Negotino

Delivery of PCE Noise analysis PCE 430 SC 09 in TIM Negotino

Delivery of PG-350E Portable Gas Analyzer - HORIBAin TIM Negotino.

FLIR- Delivery of a thermal camera in Buchim

Iris IRIS Power: All 16 generators in ELEM (in all Thermo and hydro power plants in ELEM are installed - capacitive probes and monitoring of partial discharges from this manufacturer. Power is the largest manufacturer of measuring equipment for monitoring generators with the largest database of users. During the revitalization Silovi Ма Machini in REK Bitola examines the isolation of the core with ELCID. This is the only instructor in the world and invented by this company to test the quality of core insulation with 4% of operating flux. where not enough defined by Iris Power standards has been present many times to solve problems and good practice./p>

ZERA: The standard with the highest accuracy (for calibration of standards in seals for calibration of electric meters) of FEIT Skopje is exactly from this manufacturer

These are the world's most famous manufacturers of measuring equipment. In addition to delivering equipment to customers, we also provide service support, training on the use of supplied equipment, free demonstration of equipment they are interested in purchasing, assistance with demonstration of equipment to detect an unexpected failure that they are unable to detect with the equipment they have. At the faculty this year we delivered all the calibration equipment, so from now on a good part and the instruments from the manufacturers we represent will be able to be recalibrated in Macedonia. Complete calibration system for electric meters with a referent standard.

Haefely Hipotronics: The equipment of the faculty for examining partial discharges is from Tetex, the whole diagnostic for transformers in Rek Bitola is exactly from Tetex. The faculty has full van equipment from Tetex. The complete examination stations for transformers of Electrical Engineering Faculty Skopje, Rade Koncar Service, Emo Ohrid are from Tettex, Haefely, Hipotronics.